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Local Flow

A Mountain Minded Digital Marketing Consultancy 

Revive your customer acquisition strategy


Digital Marketing for Small Businesses 

At Local Flow, we believe in a calculated and sustainable approach to marketing that simply increases your digital health and exposure. Through harnessing the power of search engine visibility and understanding your perfect customer, our custom approach drives traffic to the right audience and establishes your brand as an industry authority.

We help people find you where it is most relevant, whether they're searching from a mountain peak, a bus, or their own backyard; we direct relevant, ready-to-buy customers to your products and services.

Local Exposure

We help you thrive in your community by getting you to the top of local search results. 


Organic Exposure

With a focus on ethical and sustainable strategies, we ensure your website ranks higher in local search results for relevant keywords.


Rich Content

From blog posts to landing pages, we create content that informs, entertains, and converts, driving valuable traffic. 


Website Creation

focus our strategy on semantic architecture and a thoughtful customer experience. 


Embrace the Mobile Revolution For Business Growth

Increase your exposure
Mobile searches are the primary way people discover and engage with businesses. We tailor our strategies to optimize your mobile user experience, knowing this is a significant portion of your potential client base. 

Don't take our word for it. 

"Lindsay and Isaac at Local Flow Marketing, with their expertise, dedication, and passion have increased my website traffic by 300% and I have over 3 times as many inquiries for my services than before starting with their team. They did this by landing me at top of the search results for keywords and have expanded my overall visibility." 

- Daniela Botur, Yoga Studio

How is your current strategy working
out for you?

Book a free call and let us go over our strategy and how we can help you grow.
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